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Where to Stay in Ubud

If you want to stay somewhere fancy and away-from-it-all for one or two nights, there are many upscale resorts to choose from. These are not particularly close to Ubud but are stunning and might be suitable if you want some downtime before exploring. I find resorts a bit boring after one night since often you can't get out of them easily…plus I can’t afford them post covid!

When travelling, I almost always go for a city-center hotel which is smaller or more boutique. I have listed some good ones below under Mid-Range Town Hotels. These are all walking distance from ‘stuff’ in Ubud, like cafes and restaurants.

I have also listed some lower mid-range hotels and cheap and cheerful option.

UPMARKET +US$200 per night

UPPER MID RANGE $100-200 per night (close to town)

LOWER MID RANGE to $50-100 per night

INEXPENSIVE $30-50 per night

CHEAP AND CHEERFUL <$30 per night

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