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Room with a View

This list of restaurants, cafes and warungs covers spectacular valley views, pretty garden views, and lush rice paddy views.

Best Views in Ubud
Sayan House

Sayan House

Overlooking the Ayung River Gorge, Sayan House offers a breathtaking view to go with the fun cocktails and deliciously unusual Japanese-South American fusion tapas.

This is an upmarket place for the well-healed, and you need to book ahead if you can afford to drink and eat here, but you can always pop in for a soft drink just before sunset for one of the best views in Ubud.

Teman Dedari

Restaurant with view Ubud
Teman Dedari

This weirdly spectacular restaurant has a set of enormous stone statues of characters from the great Hindu epics. You can't really see over the Ayung River valley as the hotel is in the way, but the surrounding vista is still gorgeous.

The extensive menu is strong on excellent Indonesian favourites, and western standards like hamburgers and pizza, with a large number of alcohol-free drink options for the many Javanese tourists that visit. It's fun, inexpensive and pretty, and the service is charming.

Sayan Point

Best views in Ubud
View from Sayan Point

With an arguable better panorama, and on the same side of the ridge as Sayan House, this little spot is way cheaper. Unfortunately the food and drinks are cheap in a way that I can't bring myself to promote, with its very ordinary Western-Indo menu and mediocre cocktails.

But that view! Try out an afternoon snack to view the river valley in its daytime glory, or come for a cheap sunset drink before going elsewhere for dinner.


Rice field views Ubud

Another great sunset spot, this one looks over the rice fields to the west of Ubud, but is just a few minutes south of the town. There's something for everyone here, with a Sunday market, ceramics workshops, a little store and high quality coffee. Its great for daytime too, but the best time is when the light starts to change at around 5.30pm.

I find the service always a bit of a miss. The food is excellent but the portions are tiny for the price. However the cocktails are delicious and there is live Jazz on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Wild Air

Restaurants with a view in Ubud
Wild Air

This lovely restaurant in the hotel on Jl. Bisma has a gorgeous view overlooking the Oos River Valley. If you eat here, you can use their pool for free and their food is excellent, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The portions are on the small side for the price but it is a fancy hotel so actually pretty good value.


Restaurants with a view in Ubud
Cocktail with a View at Indus

Looking over the Oos river valley and the Campuhan Ridge Walk, Indus is an excellent pan-Asian restaurant with emphasis on modern Indonesian.

This is a mid level restaurant in terms of pricing and great for lunch or an early dinner. There are often fun events like talks, art exhibits, salsa and jazz nights, so keep your eye on their instagram.


Restaurants with a View in Ubud
The Elephant Vegetarian Restaurant

Overlooking the Oos river Valley and Campuhan Ridge, the Elephant is perfect for a calm brunch with excellent coffee and a great menu. Alternatively, drop in for a late lunch and happy hour from 3-5pm (2-for-1 cocktails wine and beer).

They do a few vegan options but the menu is mostly high quality international vegetarian meals like laksa, pasta and salads. Try the asian sharing platter!

Tropical View

Ubud restaurants with a view
A tropical view at tropical view

The problem with restaurants in the most touristy areas is that you assume they will be crappy tourist traps. Sometimes they are but Tropical View, with it's twee name, is actually really good. It's right next to Monkey Forest and has a very pretty rice paddy view.

There is an expansive Indonesian-Western combo menu but the quality is high and it's great value. Their breakfast options and coffee is decent, the drinks menu is great and there are loads of comfy places to sit and enjoy the greenery. I would even recommend this to digital nomads looking for cafes to work in. Watch out for the monkeys - I had a biscuit nabbed right off my saucer and I'm sure he was eyeing my purse, the little maling (thief). Instagram.

Green Kubu

Best restaurants with a view in Ubud
Green Kubu Cafe

Up in Tegallang you'll find this pretty spot among the rice fields. Frankly the little walk from the car park is the best bit, but it's a delightful garden and the menu is very inexpensive. Go for the good quality Indonesian food rather than a western option. There is also a serious all-you-can-eat brunch buffet on Sundays from 11am.

More coming soon...

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